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The challenge of reporting neglected crises
June 20, 2024

The challenge of reporting neglected crises

Earlier this week, IBT brought together a panel of journalists and NGOs to talk about how to improve media coverage of some of the world’s neglected crises such as Sudan, Myanmar, Syria and Yemen. IBT Director, Mark Galloway, reflects on the discussion.

Documentaries can help shed light on neglected stories
May 30, 2024

Documentaries can help shed light on neglected stories

Earlier this month, we hosted a screening of the Unreported World film, Haiti: Pregnant and On the Run at Channel 4. Ayesha Aleem from One World Media watched the film and the debate that followed.

Sudan – a wake up call
May 20, 2024

Sudan – a wake up call

Sudan is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, though you might not realise it by looking at the media. Anil Ranchod writes about the severity of the situation, why it's getting ignored and what we can all do to help.

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July 03, 2024

Social media masterclass with Jeremy Skeet, former head of social media for BBC News

How can charities do better at engaging younger audiences?

Jeremy will show us how charities can be more effective in reaching and engaging young audiences, drawing on his experience of launching TikTok and Snapchat channels at BBC News.

12-1.15pm on Wednesday July 3 on Zoom

During his talk, Jeremy will cover:
•    What he did at BBC and why it worked – strategy overview and implementation
•    Choosing the right KPI – what are you trying to do on social? Too little?
•    Being true to the brand – how do you reinterpret your brand for a young audience?
•    (Consistently) setting the right tone – the balance between the brand and the platform
•    Empowering staff/letting go – it might not be apparent but your staff share the brand values, just express them differently
•    Knowing the algorithm but not being in hoc to it – back to knowing your key KPI and not chasing the viral hit

This event is suitable for anyone working in social media for a charity – or interested in having a better understanding of how the social media landscape is changing and where to find young audiences.

Jeremy will show examples of good and bad practice and answer any questions. Please let us have your questions in advance or on the day. Email henry@ibt.org.uk

Recent Reports

Fighting for Space: International content and the future of public service media in a digital-first era
November 28, 2023

Fighting for Space: International content and the future of public service media in a digital-first era

As the media landscape continues to change rapidly and radically, we are calling for significant changes to how the PSM providers approach international content. 

TikTok: A Guide for Charities
WaterAid staff recording a TikTok video.
February 23, 2023

TikTok: A Guide for Charities

Charity Campaigning: Where Next?
April 26, 2022

Charity Campaigning: Where Next?

Our report shares lessons learnt from campaigners and social media experts about finding the right message, campaigning on social media, utilising the media and campaigning collaboratively. We also explore the current campaigning landscape.

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