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Sudan – a wake up call
May 20, 2024

Sudan – a wake up call

Sudan is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, though you might not realise it by looking at the media. Anil Ranchod writes about the severity of the situation, why it's getting ignored and what we can all do to help.

Explosive weapons are destroying Gaza. It’s time to stop using them on civilians
April 22, 2024

Explosive weapons are destroying Gaza. It’s time to stop using them on civilians

IBT member Humanity & Inclusion has worked in Gaza and the West Bank for almost 30 years, providing rehabilitation care, psychosocial support and access to education for disabled and vulnerable people. Their Chief Executive, George Graham, has been campaigning for more than a decade against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. He outlines the devastating effects of bombing towns and cities and the horrific impact this is having right now on civilians in Gaza.

Why humanised media coverage of Gaza is so important
March 26, 2024

Why humanised media coverage of Gaza is so important

Since the attacks of October 7 last year, the violence in Gaza has dominated the headlines. For IBT member Medical Aid for Palestinians, that’s meant an unprecedented amount of media attention. But, as Communications and Campaigns Manager Max Slaughter tells us, media reporting that portrays Palestinians as less than human makes their killing more acceptable.

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June 19, 2024

The challenge of reporting neglected crises

Our next panel debate will explore how the media is covering some of the world’s neglected humanitarian crises – Somalia, Sudan, Myanmar, Haiti and many more. How do editors decide which global stories to cover? What are the practical challenges of covering stories in places where security is a major challenge? How can international NGOs be most effective in working with the media to cover these important stories? Does more aid flow as a result of media coverage? Are there alternative ways to cover these stories to give those most affected a bigger voice?

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