Ofcom Children’s Content Review

robin 1st February 2018

The panel: (left to right) Simon Murphy, Tracy McVeigh, Tim Singleton, Sara Pantuliano, Patrick Gathara, Halima Begum and Mark Galloway.

IBT believes that high quality television which provides British children with an understanding of the world they live in and broadens their horizons towards the wider world is a basic right. It is crucial that British children have the opportunity to access trustworthy, reliable content about the wider world so that they grow up to be well-informed adults.

Broadcasting in the UK has a crucial role to play in making us aware of what is happening in the world and the UK’s position internationally. There is extensive evidence that engagement with the wider world leads to a more tolerant society which is able to play a role in global decision-making and do business with the wider world.

IBT considers it should be a public policy priority to ensure that a range of high quality UK-produced children’s content is provided on free to air television channels so that children are not disadvantaged because their parents cannot afford or choose not to pay for subscription services.


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